Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Valentine the bunny-bun

Bunny status:  I’ve finally sent some semi-mediocre photos of Val to the shelter to put on the website.  They aren’t the greatest pics, but hopefully they’re good enough to get him some calls from potential adopters.  He is pretty darn cute and wonderful…

Val 1

Val 2

Val 3


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I had to put my pet rat Digger down last week 😦   In her and her late sister Snug’s honor I wrote a haiku:

From one rat to none
Is a harder transition
than two rats to one

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Rats need breakfast too

Dammit!  who ate my freaking scone!  geeeeeez.

Snug 1

If my coffee’s gone too i’m gonna be really pissed…

Snug 2

PHEW.  still there.

Snug 3

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