Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Koh Phi Phi

This week we met up with Simon and Justine in Koh Phi Phi.  As many of you may remember from December 2004, Koh Phi Phi was one of the hardest places hit in Thailand by the tsunami. 

We have spent several days gaping at all the changes to the island since Francie and I were here 14 months ago.  New buildings have replaced almost every structure destroyed by the tsunami but more on that later…on to the pictures!

Simon and Justine on longboat after day at the beach

Simon and Justine

One day we hiked to this viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi.  Off in the distance you can see the sister island Koh Phi Phi Le (where The Beach was filmed).

View from Koh Phi Phi Don

We traveled by longboat to Koh Phi Phi Le.  Later we would snorkel off this island.

Longboat to Maya Bay

View from the beach on Koh Phi Phi Le.

The Beach

 Into the national park on Koh Phi Phi Le.

This national park costs you five dollars to visit

We also hiked to the isolated Rantee Beach.  Definitely the most amazing beach I have ever seen…but then what do I know…Im from Texas.  YEEHAW.

 Rantee Beach

Girl on beach.

 Girl on Beach by Picasso

View of Palm trees when I woke up from my nap on beach. Life is very hard.

View from beach…literally

We DID have to fend off a serious attack made by this crab. 

 Attack of the crabs

Francie wants a coconut.

we may just need that insurance…

Night out on the town.  The thai pancake is kind of like a sopapilla with nutella on it.  80 cents please.


Francie in ecstasy with dog.  The dog is so hot he is trying to get every part of his body as close to the floor as possible.  Look at his back legs.

Francie likes dogs…no really.

Finally we got to go diving yesterday.  It was a lot of fun.  Simon saw an octopus and francie saw a sea turtle.  I took a Discovery dive class and we spent 15 minutes learning skills and then did two dives.  All for 80 dollars.  As you can imagine it was pretty spetacular.  Each dive is one hour long…one hour…what use to be one hour long.  Oh yeah, meetings.  Meetings at Microsoft use to be 1 hour long.  Hmm, time to go back to reading Gravitys Rainbow.  Or maybe a Thai massage.

I guess the last thing I have to say is that, while I never came to Koh Phi Phi before the tsunami, it has changed dramatically this last year and not all for the good.  The construction is kind of crappy and there is often the smell of sewage in the air.  It also feels more like spring break that some place like Railay.  Sadly, I suspect that Koh Phi Phi has a few more good years left before it becomes like Koh Samui.

Tomorrow we will be moving on to Koh Lanta for more time on…you guessed it the beach. 

We should have some links to movies posted soon!


January 21, 2007 - Posted by | Misc, Pets, Photography, Travel


  1. These photos are so great!

    I have to get a better atlas. Internet doesn’t
    give the wider view my little one doesn’t pin
    point the spot!

    Comment by Cynthia | January 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. Glad y’all are having a great time. What’s the Lab’s name and will he or she appear some time in the future?

    Comment by Hector | February 16, 2007 | Reply

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