Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Odds and Ends

In SE Asia everyone promises you they have a great cup of real coffee but we were convinced by this sign.  Give it up for Seattle.

 Seattle is Great, give us some chocolate cake

We are also constantly being hounded by travel agencies, diving agencies, treking agencies…I love this sign because I can only imagine that all native Thai are just eager to take elephant rides and bamboo raft rides.   It makes me secretly suspect that there is a little thai-disneyland-like-place that is hidden from all of us tourists where the Thai people frolic in peace.


I also wanted to post a few more of the Railay videos–here is a random monkey video and a dazzled Francie and monkey video.

Finally, here is a quick run down of places we have stayed at over the last few weeks for those pesky travelers doing google searches…I mean Windows Live searches. 😉

Chiang Mai-Smile House (400 baht) This place is now super popular and apparently they have opened a second guest house not in Lonely Planet.  Great location and includes fan, hot water and large common room with cable tv.  You just get a very good vibe while staying here.  Definitely call before getting to Chiang Mai because they tend to fill up by 2pm or so.  Here is a picture of our room.

 Smile house–where it all happens

Mae Salong-Shin Sane (300 baht/d, 200 baht/s).  Excellent place to stay with very friendly people working there. Located next to the ‘morning’ market and close to the few places to eat.  Hot water and cable TV (you don’t need a fan or AC in the mountains…).

Chiang Rai- Boonbundan Guest House (400 baht) We got stuck here because Chiang Rai was full when we arrived around 10pm.  Hot water, fan and good location.  The place is a little bit depressing and I don’t recommend it.  They do have HBO though…Regardless of where you stay make sure you make it to the night market which has very few tourists and real Thai entertainment).

East Railay  Rapala Guest House (700 baht) Good value for expensive Railay.  They serve excellent Indian food–the Thai food was kind of average.  One negative for some people will be the steep flight of steps to get to the guest house.

Trang My Friend Guest House (490 baht) Wonderful new place with AC, hot water and cable tv.  Although expensive by Trang it was a great place to weather a little bit of the flu.  Their internet cafe is a little spotty so you might go find the Tost Internet cafe near the movie theater.  They charged us 15 baht an hour.

Koh Muk (Koh Mook) Koh Muk Resort (300 baht).  Good sized room with fan.  This place feels upscale and is very affordable.  The only downside (depending on your opinion) is that it is on the opposite side of the main beach and resorts.  They have a 10am longboat that takes you to the other side and returns at 5pm (free) or you can walk a 40 minute paved route.  Very nice staff.

Koh Ngai (Koh Hai) Koh Hai Villa (700 baht) This place was alright and probably the cheapest on the main stretch of beach.  They have a neat little bar area at night.  There is also an awesome place to eat (Koh Ngai Seafood Rest.) just a little down the beach (towards the CoCo cottages). 


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