Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Randy and Ben

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Randy who recently got engaged!!!  That is super news and Francie and I are really excited for both of you.  Yes, Coco can be the ringbearer (For those of you who don’t know Coco is at Weezie’s house until I get back).

Congratulations also to Ben–who is not getting married to Elizabeth and Randy–but instead is pulling the plug on Seattle and moving down to San Francisco.  The only good thing about this is that Francie and I have someone to hang out with when we come to town AND if Ben really strikes it startup rich then he can buy a super duper expensive house and put us up for weeks at a time.

Good luck to everyone!  I think that is ‘Choke bi’ in Thai.  Francie please correct this if I am wrong.

It is funny because Francie and I were talking about all the possible changes that could happen in Seattle while we were gone (blah blah blah), for instance, that someone could actually get pregnant and have the baby before we even got back.  That kind of blew us away.

I guess these are the first real examples that we can’t just pack up our old world and stuff it in the freezer until we get back.


February 19, 2007 - Posted by | Misc

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