Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Shopping in Thailand

Greg and I had a totally normal sounding day! We went to the shopping mall and then to a movie at the “Cini-plex”. The big mall in Chiang Mai is a wonderland of cute and cheap clothes, purses and shoes. I purchased a few items but I had to work very hard for them because in Thai sizes, I am an Extra Large. Yes, XL, also called LL on some labels (stands for “Large large”). Most places do not carry such an outrageously huge size – I might as well be a hippo walking around the mall trying to find a cute outfit. The shoes are the same – biggest size is a 38 (thats a 7.5 in the US). I asked a saleslady if they had a shoe in a size 41 and she looked at me like I was insane and then laughed and shook her head. It’s frustrating because I love the clothes here so much (and the shoes). The salesladies are very funny because they’ll see me looking at a dress, take it off the rack, hold it up to me, and apologetically shake their heads and say something like “not for you”. Then they dig around the whole store and pull out the largest dress they have and sadly it is still about 3 sizes too small.

At the cini-plex we watched a Thai documentary called Final Score about a group of highschool boys trying survive their last year and get into university. In Thailand, college admissions are strongly tied to scores on standardized exams, e.g. if you score below X, you don’t get into college. Imagine the test results are released and your entire extended family crowds around the computer with you to look on the internet and find out if you’re going to be able to go to college or not. It was very interesting.

I have a cold right now and Greg has enough mosquito bites to require Benadryl so we’re “taking it easy” at the moment, just chilling and scrabbling and watching flicks, and waiting for our Lao visas to come through.

Have a nice day whoever you are out there reading this thing.


February 24, 2007 - Posted by | SE Asia, Thailand, Travel


  1. Ahh, is that the Central Mall you went to? (but they pronounce it “Centrum”) I went to that mall in Chiang Mai and watched movies there too. I saw Leaving Las Vegas there. I remember most of the people in the audience walked out before it was over. We were practically the only ones left in the theater when the movie finished. I guess it was too depressing for Thais.

    Comment by susan | February 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. In S Africa, your final score when you matriculate from High School is published in the freaking newspaper! And it also determines whether or not you get into university. No pressure …

    Comment by Simon | February 28, 2007 | Reply

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