Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Lam Duan the Dog

In Chiang Mai, Greg and I became good friends with the dog that lived at our guest house – Lam Duan. In thai, “Lam Duan” is a type of flower. I think it is like if you named your dog “Daisy” or something like that.

Anyways, what happened was that whenever I would see her I would call her name and pet her (of course), and a few times we gave her some table scraps or fish balls. Then one night she followed us up to our room. She was really dirty and I decided that if she was going to hang out with us in our room she had to have a bath. I gave her a nice little shower and shampoo, which she was not so happy about. But after that, she came to our room everynight and slept on the floor or the bed. She also came with us to breakfast in the morning which was problematic because we had to go across several busy streets and I was worried she’d follow us and get hit by a car…. but it turns out that she is better (truly) at crossing streets than us and every single other tourist in town. And fortunately in Thailand no one minds if a dog comes and hangs out in their restaurant. 🙂

She is a very social girl – everyone in the neighborhood knows her and calls her name and says hi when she passes. Her friendlyness around the nabe has paid off because people give her food and treats often. She is living the good life (compared to most thai dogs). The girl at the guesthouse told us that there is a noodle shop she goes to everynight, scratches on the door, and the lady brings her out a little bowl of noodles. What a smart dog. She’s got everyone wrapped around her little paw, including Greg and I. We miss her very much.

So sleepies…

Trying to beat the heat…

Trying to stay cool


March 4, 2007 - Posted by | Pets, SE Asia, Thailand, Travel

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  1. That looks like the happiest and most relaxed dog. It’s great you all have had surrogate pets along the way — they are great companions that make sure you just enjoy it all.

    Comment by Roger M | March 6, 2007 | Reply

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