Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Animals in Lao Part I

I’m really enjoying our time in Lao so far, but one thing that is difficult about travelling here is the cultural differences in how animals are treated.  Part of it is simply due to the fact that they’re very practical about food and will eat anything that moves, but there also seems to be a general disregard for animal pain and suffering.  Examples I’ve seen include; beating pigs with sticks, young kids smashing lizards that are tied together with string, pet monkeys kept in small wooden boxes or permanently chained to a fence post, forced elephant labor (more on this in another post), and the usual kicking puppies and kittens out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

The cuisine here includes not only dog meat, but wild animals such as tiger and civet cat.   As much as I am personally against eating dog, I can accept that it is just another animal that happens to not have the same cultural status here in Lao as it does in the US.  But the consumption of wild animals that may be endangered and are quickly losing their habitat is hard to swallow (no pun intended).  Greg and I may be donating money to some wildlife conservation efforts in Asia when we get back.

2 civet cats in the cooler waiting to be eaten by the river boat workers:


March 15, 2007 - Posted by | Laos, Pets, SE Asia, Travel, Wildlife

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  1. Good Morning America this morning had a 15 year old boy that has a passion for saving slaves in all the world. I think animals fall in that category as well!
    He has been speaking to teens and has written a book. Very
    amazing for his age. There is hope for the future!

    Comment by Cynthia | March 15, 2007 | Reply

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