Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Motorbike trip highlights!

March 31st – April 3rd Greg and I went on a little motorbike road trip through the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos – it was the perfect way to explore this area because it is very remote with almost no public transportation but many things to see. It was a sweaty, hot, dirty thing, but we saw some amazing sites along the way and we did not get stranded with a single flat tire! This is remarkable considering some of the rocky dirt roads we were driving on.

Day 1: Pakse to Tat Lo

We arrived in Pakse at 7am on the night bus from Vientiane, picked up rental bikes and stored our bags at the Lankham hotel. We drove from Pakse, through the Plateau, and ended at Tat Lo – a lovely waterfall. We stayed the night in a guest house right on the river. Here’s a photo of Greg taking a dip:

Day 2: Tat Lo to Sekong

Sekong is the capitol of, you guessed it, the Sekong province. It was an interesting place but definitely not on the tourist track. It is so hot & dry right now that most folks just lay around at their shop or stand or house and try not to move except to serve the 1 customer that comes every couple hours. The kids spend most of the day playing in the river – what a great idea!

The most interesting thing for us was visiting the Lao National UXO Office. UXO = Unexploded ordinance. From the wikipedia article; “The country of Laos has the distinction of being one of the world’s most heavily bombed nations… “. The Sekong province has a high concentration of UXO, probably because of its proximity to the Ho Chi Minh trail – a supply route for Vietnamese troups during the Vietnam war.

Some of the old bombs that have been found and neutralized by the Sekong Lao UXO:

Day 3: Sekong to Paksong

This part of the journey was the most grueling in terms of the driving, but also had the most beautiful, amazing scenery. Most of the route was on a rocky, dusty road that took us back up the mountains slopes and onto the plateau area.

One of the 3 waterfalls we saw along the way:

Here we are at the end of our dusty ride. No, we did not get darker tans, it is dirt:

Day 4: Paksong back to Pakse

Along the way we stopped to take photos of some coffee trees & coffee beans. Then it was back to Vientiane on the night bus.

Beans drying in the sun:


April 3, 2007 - Posted by | Laos, Photography, SE Asia, Travel

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  1. Was riding the motorbikes a safe process? Were you by yourselves with backpacks strapped on?

    No matter what, another fantastic sounding adventure snippet… You guys rule.

    Comment by ben | April 4, 2007 | Reply

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