Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Oppression-3, Democracy-1

In about 10 days we head off to China.  We realized that of the four countries that we will have been to only one has a government elected by the people, for the people.

Which do you think it is?

A. Thailand
B. Lao
C. China
D. Myanmar

If you chose B, or the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao, you are correct.  Although the people of Thailand are getting more than a little ticked off by the current detour from democracy and I think that general what’s his name is realizing that running a country is more difficult than he expected. 


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Craptastic Postcards

A few of you lucky individuals will soon be receiving postcards from Myanmar.  Francie and I really have to apologize for this dubious honor because the postcard choices in Myanmar where abysmal (which meant that those little kids just had to try and sell them that much harder).   I suspect that the Myanmar government (in their infinite wisdom) decided to allow an artistically challenged nephew to take the photographs because they are about as drab as a Texas strip mall. 

indirect effects of oppression

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Big Greg, Smaller Greg

I took a picture of two of my passport/visa photos–the first from Oct. 2005 and the second from a few months ago.  Here they are side by side.

super size me

Look at that big boy on the left!  In my defense, that was right when we were shipping the Xbox 360 and exercise had fallen by the wayside. 

The right photo is from two months ago–I weighed myself on the scales (below) at the Mandalay Airport and I was about 168 pounds. 

I think these scales were left by the British Empire and are now primarily used to weigh their #1 export, opium (just a little joke there–about the British, not about the opium).

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