Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

First trip injury (some might say Francie had it coming)

I feel it is appropriate after Greg’s post about my exploitation of Asia’s animals (hahaha) to recount to you the first (and hopefully only) major injury of our trip and how it happened.  First though I want to say that I am perfectly fine now so you don’t need to get scared while you read this or spend even a second worrying about me ;-).

April 23rd. We had just arrived in Kalaw, a small mountain town in Myanmar.  There was a little black dog that hung out near our guest house.  I petted him, rubbed his tummy, told him what a good dog he was, etc. etc. 

The next day, I see him lying in the sun.  I’m waiting for Greg who is finishing up on the internet.  I reach down to pet the pooch.  The second my hand touches him he turns into a crazed animal and with a snarl clamps onto my wrist.  I pull my hand away.  I think he must have been having a scary dream.

I survey the damage.  I have a deep puncture on the top of my hand and a deep cut on the side of my wrist.  I’m thinking to myself; “I’m so glad I have that special wound closing tape in my first aid kit, cause there’s no place that can stitch me up out here!” 

The lady and her son who work at the guest house are horrified.  I’m trying to hide the cut from them so they don’t freak out too much.  I’m telling them I’m fine, it’s no big deal, etc.  The lady gets a glimpse of it though and starts running around in a panic looking for her medical supplies after chasing the dog away with a stick.  Greg comes out to see what happened.  I tell him its no big deal, just a scratch, but at some point he sees it too and his eyes get big and he turns a shade whiter.

Greg collected himself and bravely squirted the iodine provided by the woman into my cuts.  We went back to our room, taped the cut and puncture closed, and wrapped my wrist up.  Greg went down the street to find a pharmacy.  Luckily there was one, and it had amoxycillin that was niether fake nor expired!

Now a week and a half later, its mostly healed and it looks like I might not even have much of a scar.  wee.

This is the culprit the day after asking me for a tummy rub.  I said to him “You’re not getting off that easy Bity McBitersons!”


May 3, 2007 - Posted by | Myanmar, Pets, SE Asia, Travel


  1. Makes those rabies shots worth the while!

    Lulu has started biting strangers. Like a nice boy who passed by at the park. Just lept out and bit him. We’ll have to start calling her Lulu McBitersons!

    Comment by kim | May 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Ooops! Not Lulu too!

    Comment by Greg Martinez | May 4, 2007 | Reply

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