Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

The Banyan Tree Hotel

Francie and I had a great time at the Banyan Tree hotel. It was super duper nice, especially after living in the equivalent of a dorm room for months. Here was our room at the Banyan Tree


They try to be all five star-ish but they loved us anyway despite our backpacks.

Nice view from our window.

This was also a place we ate in the hotel with a pond containing lots of goldfish and nice turtles who spoke french.


We also ate lots of great food (Italian, Dim Sum, French) but Vertigo, on top of the 60 floor hotel, had an incredible view and the bar was amazing…but they shouldn’t let people drink that high in the sky. Here is a slightly dark picture of the bar area.

Tomorrow we will try and post a little on China.


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