Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Chungking Express

Chungking Express is one of my (and Francie’s) favorite movies of all time (especially the second story in it).  Francie and I are staying across the street from the building where the first vignette in the movie was filmed.  I had no idea that this dive, craptastic building led to the name of the movie.  I have to tell you, this building is just as shady as it is made out to be in film.  It’s a crumbling maze of cheap rooms and hostels, illicit activities, & stores selling various pirated goods.  Double sweet. 

By the way, the building we’re staying in is not much different than Chungking mansions.  Perhaps it’s slightly less sketchy!  😉

Chungking Express

 Still from Chungking Express:

Chungking express

June 1, 2007 - Posted by | China, Travel


  1. The photo of the lady is amazing.

    Comment by smiley | June 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. The photo of the lady is from the movie Chungking Express. It really is a great film.

    Comment by Greg Martinez | June 3, 2007 | Reply

  3. Weird! I think I stayed somewhere inside the Chungking Mansions when I was there in 1999. I remember actually liking the hostel, despite the cats and garbage in the hallways. Memories…

    Comment by Kelly | June 4, 2007 | Reply

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