Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Hong Kong Music Scene

We were lucky that the HK Magazine (similar to The Stranger or Time Out) ran an article this week on indie bands around town.  Francie and I have been wanting to go to a few shows so this was pretty timely.  I made a list of cds I wanted and went looking for some music.  Yay!

I went to this great store called The Panic in Mong Kok and it reminded me of looking for records back in Oak Lawn or at Bill’s Records and Tapes in Dallas.  This place catered to local indie music–I was not cool for taking pictures (see previous post on Super Moron).


Here I bought records from My Little Airport, Primary Shapes, The Yours, Monogel, The Pancakes and other bands.  So far I have to say that My Little Airport is really, really super exciting and excellent.  Primary Shapes is also great and they are playing next weekend so we are trying to get tickets (Tracy, Tom-should I pick you up an extra ticket?).  Some of you may be receiving some music in the mail soon…but only the people who have been nice.  Not naughty.  bad peoples…not get anything.


The girl that works behind the counter is hiding under the desk so that she is not in the picture. 😦


June 3, 2007 - Posted by | Hong Kong, Misc, Travel

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  1. If you’re interested in Hong Kong’s indie scene, check out the band “Whence He Came” – their CD’s should be available in HMV/Hong Kong Records/CD Warehouse – if not, google ’em up.

    Unfortunately, they have now ceased to exist (or, as I am hoping, have just taken an Eagles style hiatus – i.e., 14 years or thereabouts), although their members have split up into two bands called “The Love Song” and “Noughts and Exes”. You can also find both these bands on MySpace or PureVolume.

    Comment by Chinmoy | October 21, 2007 | Reply

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