Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Music in Hong Kong

Francie and I went and saw six bands play at the Sunset Music Mania festival that was put on by the Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts

Of the six bands that played we really like this band–‘The Pancakes’.


They were very quirky and cute in a post-punk kind of way.  Singer/songwriter Dejay Choi has wonderful lines like “I’m a rockguitar fan in a rock n roll band“.  I also love it when the band members break out those bizarre little instruments like the mini keyboard that is powered by you blowing into a tube that is connected to it.  She also whipped out a whistle-like thing for added effect. 

We picked up a number of their cds to send back home and we are looking for this sampler with Atomic Bubbles on it (another music project from Dejay). 

Amazingly, the Hong Kong indie rock scene…well, it isn’t much of a scene.  There is not a lot going on.  Maybe one or two shows a weekend–and that is for a population of 7 million people.  I suspect that the HK Academy of the Performing Arts is trying to help jump start interest but the 200 person venue was only two-thirds full and tickets were only 20 hong kong dollars (That’s $2.50 in USD). 

These ‘opera house shows’–you know the ones held in fancy places like this drama theater are just so sterile and you can only have a drink in the hall.  It makes it hard to have a good time.  In addition, Francie and I almost got thrown out for taking the picture above. 

It really made me excited to get back to Seattle for some quality shows!


June 9, 2007 - Posted by | China, Hong Kong, Misc

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