Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

The Horses are on the Track*

Last night Francie and I went to the Happy Valley racetrack in Hong Kong where we gambled away all of our savings…we are coming home tomorrow!  Well, not really.  We won some and lost some but ended up down about $20 dollars.  

The racetrack is in the middle of this cluster of skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island…pretty cool!


The track is just right there so you can check out the horses before they are loaded into the starting gate.


The horses come streaking by (see a short video) which makes it hard to take pictures!


Here is Francie smugly collecting her winnings from a race (“May I please have my 6 dollars so I can use it to buy a fake Rolex watch?”).


It was a lot of fun to watch the HongKongers vs. the Chinese hanging out at the track.  It was like the East meets the West.  People often bet based on the nationality of the trainer/jockey.  It was interesting to see jockey’s from both Asia and the US/EU.

This reminds me that Macau is now bringing in The Sands and The Venetian to open casinos–they say in five years it will truly be the Las Vegas of the East.  Conversely, there is this article in today’s International Herald Tribune which reports on Las Vegas begining to seriously cater to Asians

*Silly reference to the song by Big Audio Dynamite.


June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Hong Kong, Wildlife

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m just getting started out but I got the BAD right off. Now I’m earwormed!

    Comment by mentalfu | June 16, 2007 | Reply

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