Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Trip Half-Way Point

Francie and I realized that, with our return home date of November 17th, we have just passed the half-way mark.

It is interesting because, for me, the longer we are away traveling–the less time seems to have actually gone by.  For instance, that month in Laos now feels like just a day or two of my life.   I guess that a few years after this trip is over I will look back on the year and remember it as a month or two off from work.  Bummer.   

Well, to celebrate I thought I would post and talk about a few of Francie’s new pictures (see Flickr on the right).  Here we go:

These kids are from outside of Kalaw, Myanmar.  They were very disappointed that the camera wasn’t a Polaroid.  It really is a beautiful picture.  We gave them some stickers and pencils in exchange for the picture…oh yeah, and a bouncing ball.


This large pig and his friend scared the devil out of us when the big guy snorted at us toward the end of the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike. He was actually very excited because he was expecting his slop dinner–which sure enough a woman came out with, climbed into the stone pen, and fed him.

This line of ponies passed us high up in Tiger Leaping Gorge.  I was immediately reminded of every time I read a fantasy book (e.g. Lord of the Rings) where a group of adventurers ride horses through a mountain pass (I know several of you are rolling your eyes and thinking ‘geek‘).


Race horses busting out of the gate at Happy Valley in Hong Kong.


The future of China looks bright according to Chairman Mao in Lijiang.


Beautiful stone building and landscape near the Naxi guesthouse on the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike.  The Naxi are an ethnic group in Yunnan province (pronounced Na sha).


Me and my new friend checking the bus schedule. 


We took off running after this kid threatened us (He was demanding our milk money).  They grow up quick in China…


The park at Black Dragon Pool in LiJiang.  Unfortunately, the black dragon was not available for pictures that day.


Ok!  I have to quit procrastinating and get back to my Mandarin.


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Is it a bug? Is it a beetle?

Francie and I went to The Peak yesterday.  Not surprisingly, this is at the summit of Hong Kong Island.  You have this view from the top:


You can either walk to the top or take a tram.  We elected to take the tram up and walk down.  On the tram you ride up at a 45 degree angle (check out my big nose in the picture…thanks, Francie.  It looks like that girl’s entire head could fit in one of my nostrils).


At the top there are places to shop and eat.  We were at a cafe and this big guy landed right outside the window. Check out those antennas!  It was a couple of inches long and had a black shiny shell.  After a while, the shell on its back split apart, wings came out and it flew away.  We couldn’t identify whether it was a bug or a beetle but it was pretty cool.  Does anyone know?


We don’t have these in Texas or Seattle.  Do you like insects?  This guy does–check out his pretty cool site with different insects.

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It doesn’t take long for those tans to fade…

February in Thailand:
 self portrait of G & F

June in Hong Kong:

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