Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Internet Hell

Trying to use the internet in Beijing is…frustrating. There are only a few internet ‘cafes’ or gaming areas and they suck. I am talking about the most decrepid buildings that are down this back street and around this hallway etc.

It was similar in Shanghai–the government just doesn’t want people online (on any of the internets). This picture is the stairway to one smoky den that we used the other day. I had to wash my hands twice while there and kept whispering “go to my happy place, go to my happy place” the entire time I was there.


It is difficult to access many sites here including blogs (you can skip the obvious question). People refer to it as ‘The Great Firewall’. In addition, the government recently clamped down on Flickr after post-demonstration some people posted pics to the site. Firefox has a special add on that gets around that problem. Currently we have to go through about 12 real time consuming steps to bring you a blog post with pictures…but, hey, it isn’t like we have jobs or anythng. 🙂 BTW, that is also why we won’t be going back and correcting typos or bad grammar-never go back to edit a post-just not worth it.


July 7, 2007 - Posted by | Beijing, China, Travel

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  1. If you are in Beijing and looking for a nice place try Moku Coffee. It is in the Lonely Planet book.

    Also, there is a FedEx/Kinkos near the Grand Hyatt but it is 60 RMB/hour.

    If you have a laptop there are plenty of places to get wifi including the BookWorm (that place is great).

    Comment by Greg Martinez | July 7, 2007 | Reply

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