Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

2 week old Panda

These are some pictures of one of the twins that were recently born to Hua Mei at Wolong.  Some of you may know that Hua Mei was born at the San Diego Zoo (I think in 2001).  The keepers/vets swap out cubs with Hua Mei every 3-5 days.  You can see the pink skin and where the black markings are (ears, eyes, and stripes) present.  The cub’s white fur is just starting to come in.


2 week old being fed

2 week old baby panda gets fed


An interesting aside–one of the interns that works with the one year olds told me that the fur from one bear to the next is really different. I have noticed that Lingling’s white stripes aren’t very…well, white. He looks rather older than his nine years compared to a nine year old female who has really pure-as-the driven-snow white fur. The intern (Dana) said that some cubs can just run through the mud and come out looking perfect. Apparently, nature plays favorites with Panda cubs too.


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  1. These photos are precious!!!

    Comment by Cynthia | August 4, 2007 | Reply

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