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Travel Info: Songpan Visa Extension

Just a quick reminder that we will be horse trekking for the next three days and will be out of email contact.


I wanted to verify for people that the Songpan PSB office does provide visa extensions. I also wanted to provide a little extra info.

Overall very quick and painless. It only took a total of about an hour (compared with the five or six days of Chengdu or XiAn) and there was no line. The PSB officer was very friendly.

We were required to have the following information and money (note we are Americans).

1. Passport
2. Photo copy of Passport ID page and China Visa page (or previous visa extension).
3. Stamped copy of the hotel registration form for where we were staying.
4. He specifically made us prove that we had the finances to support staying in China for a month. He wanted to see proof of $100 USD per day of the extension (it was unclear whether that was per person) but he had no problem when we showed him our 2 ATM cards, Visa credit card and AmEx. He did make us go and photo copy the cards and write the USD amount available per card. ONE NOTE: we overheard someone in Chengdu complaining that, they too, had to provide proof of finances. It was harder for them because they didn’t have a credit card and they had to spend a day getting the info together.
5. 760 RMB per person (1520 RMB total). That is just about 100 USD for each visa. We only paid something like 300 RMB per person in Xi’An last month. Again, dont forget our visa stuff is usually more expensive because we are from the USA.

China visa extension limit: One important piece of information the PSB officer told us was that, since we were getting our second visa extension, we would not be allowed another visa extension on this trip. I don’t think I have read about this limitation before but maybe I missed it. Or maybe this is just for Songpan. Dunno.


August 15, 2007 - Posted by | China, Misc, Travel

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  1. i miss you guys a looooot~~~ take care~~ i will head for hongkong in this friday. and i will miss you guys at there too.

    Comment by dana | August 15, 2007 | Reply

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