Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Yak meat

The hostel Greg and I are staying at in Lhasa is down the street from a row of butcher shops, which we have to walk past in order to get to most places in town. After smelling so much raw yak meat and seeing the giant carcasses hanging from meat hooks (with patches of hair here and there where the yak skinner got lazy), I can say with certainty that I never desire to eat a mammal ever again. BTW, I am just speaking for myself here! I do not think there is anything wrong with eating meat. However, I do think that in places like the US, most people eat lots of meat but are psychologically separated from where it comes from, as in, they only ever see the shrink wrapped, portion sized cuts in the grocery store. If instead they went to the butcher shop and saw their steak being hacked off a whole, bloody, cow carcass hanging from a hook, perhaps they wouldn’t eat so many hamburgers. 😉

At night the new carcasses get delivered and the butchers unload them onto a tarp in front of their shops:



August 27, 2007 - Posted by | China, Tibet, Travel

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