Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

The Jokhang

The Jokhang is the most famous religious site in Tibet. We have held off on posting about our experience there because you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the temple and it is hard to describe–probably even with photos.


The outside of the Jokhang looks relatively simple with lots of windows. Of course, there are also the people prostrating out front and clouds of incense in the air which help clue you into its importance. In addition, there is a small building that holds hundreds of tea lights that, we believe, are burning a kind of yak butter.


The simple building creates a really deceptive experience because, in all honesty, The Jokhang is the most spiritual place I have ever been in before. It would be like if the Vatican was inside a large apartment complex. You just wouldn’t expect what you were about to encounter.

Inside it is crowded with lots of small chapels and hundreds of people waiting to get into each one. Of course, the Jowo Shakyamuni statue is there which is suppose to be a true image of the supreme Buddha and the reason why the Jokhang is so important to Tibetian Buddhists.

Yep…there just aren’t words to describe the chapel of Jowo Shakyamuni–monks chanting and praying in corners, people lined up to provide offerings of money and artifacts, incense everywhere, candles everywhere…it was really ‘off the hook’. Francie and I are planning to go back the day before we leave Tibet. I just have to figure out a way to really capture that room in my memory forever.

August 30, 2007 - Posted by | China, Tibet, Travel

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