Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

More Trek info

For the curious, here is some more detailed info on the 5-day trek that Greg and I did here in Tibet.

We booked the trek with Windhorse Adventure which I highly recommend. Our group consisted of 5 travelers, 2 guides (1 Canadian & 1 Tibetan), and a driver.

The first night we camped in a lovely spot near the shore of Nam-tso lake (elevation 4718m, 15,730ft), about a 4 hour drive from Lhasa. There were some Tibetan nomad tents nearby, which resulted in lots of children wanting to play, and a horse ride for me. 🙂

Here is a photo of the area near the lake where we camped:

The next morning (2nd day) we walked the Nam-tso lake Kora, which took about 2 hours, and then drove about 5 hours to get to our next camp destination.

A scene from the Kora:

2nd, 3rd, and 4th nights we camped in the same spot in a huge valley at the foot of the range of peaks near Nam-tso. Elevation of the camp was 4800m, 16,000ft. The tallest mountain in the range is Mt. Chomokanga, at 7200m, 24,000ft. There was a small Tibetan village nearby and lots of herders, so we had curious visitors stopping by now and then.

View from our Camp:

3rd day we hiked up a valley to a lake at the foot of Mount Chomokanga. Some very entertaining tibetans came along and helped carry our packs. They ran up the trail with our packs on while singing and smoking, while I was huffing and puffing my way along. The highest point on this hike was 5200m, 17,300ft. Total hiking time was around 6 hours.

The scenery was very dramatic:

4th day we hiked up a different valley to another beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain next to Chomokanga (which i forgot the name of), although we had great views of both peaks. The return hike went along a ridge and through an old, abandoned village, which was pretty cool. The high point of the day was 5300m, 17,700ft. Along the hike we experienced sun, rain, hail, AND snow, hehe. I was really freaking beat by the time we got back to camp. Total hiking time was 6-7 hours.

Some photographs from day 4:



5th day we drove back to Lhasa with a stop at a hotsprings about half-way. There were other short hikes we could have done in the morning but I think all of us but our guide and super in shape group member Dave were totally beat from the previous 2 days.

That’s it! It was a wonderful adventure and I’m so glad Greg and I did it. I highly recommend going trekking if you visit Tibet, and definitely check out the trips offered by Windhorse.


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  1. Super interesting post! Some of the pictures remind me of my trip to Leh Ladakh in India 🙂

    Comment by Annie Christopher | September 6, 2007 | Reply

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