Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

A Nomad Stole My Watch

Right before we left on the trip our good friend Ed Kranick gave us Swiss Army watches as going away presents. This was a great gift because I didn’t have a watch and these are turned out to be excellent travel watches.

Well, the nomads on our last trek were awfully helpful. Apparently a little too helpful. Besides standing around observing everything they (ok, one of them) had rather light fingers. Every time we tore down camp they would want to help–especially with the tents (I guess because the tents are of a very different design than nomad tents). Well, when we were packing up camp on the last day I was in the latrine and several nomads helped Francie a little TOO much–if you know what I mean.

When I told Michiel this the other day (one of the other hikers) he covered his ears and said he didnt want to hear it because everyone liked the nice nomads. But one other thing was missing when we packed up camp on the last day–the shovel that we used to dig the latrine. Soooo, somebody out there was ‘collecting’ useful items!

Francie and I have been very, very lucky on this trip (so far!) not to be robbed, mugged, etc. so this really isn’t a big deal other than the watch being a gift from Ed.

Once, a long time ago my mother and I had our house robbed and she said “well, I hope they needed it more than we did”. Well, I hope the shovel and watch are very useful to their new owner(s).


September 9, 2007 - Posted by | China, Rural, Tibet, Travel

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