Adventures in Asia

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Lhasa, Tibet Travel Info

Here is some travel information for Lhasa, Tibet for anyone looking for tips…

Aug. 25th – Sept. 11th, 2007

We stayed at Dongcuo Youth Hostel (on Beijing Donglu, a block and a half past the Kirey Hotel). Double with bathroom = 160Y
This place was recommended to us by someone we met in Chengdu. It was great – the staff is really friendly, they clean the rooms everyday, & they store bags for free.

The Kirey hotel is the best place we found for doing internet (5Y/hour). It’s a nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and faster than other places we tried.

Lhasa has some great food. Here are some of our favorite restaurants:
Tashi 2 (at the Kirey Hotel) – the Bobis (their specialty) are really delicious.
Mandala Restaurant (near Barkhor square, just south of the Jokhang) – the Indian food here is very very good, and they have seating on the roof with a great view of Barkhor square.
Dunya (at the Yak hotel on Beijing Donglu) – it’s a little more expensive than other places but the food here is really really good. The vegetarian lasagna is better than just about any I’ve had in Seattle. They also have a swell bar!
Summit Cafe (off Barkhor square at the Pentoc guesthouse) – This could be a coffee shop in Seattle. They have great coffee, real chocolate chip cookies & brownies, something Greg & I had been lacking for a long time.

I highly recommend the FIT office at Dongcuo Hostel. We booked a trip with them and had to cancel (due to health reasons) the day we were supposed to leave. They were really nice about it and gave us almost all our money back, even though they had already gotten the permits for us and booked the guide and driver.

We went on a trek with Windhorse Adventure (just off Barkhor square near the Pentoc Guesthouse). It was the best thing we did while in Tibet. They are super nice, very professional, have great guides, & take care of just about everything for you. They’ve scoped out some really spectacular places for hiking and camping; very remote, and with no other tourists.


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