Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Return to Bangkok

I was so excited to return to Bangkok.  I think I was partly just exhausted with China but I have also grown to really enjoy this city. 

It is a little rainy now (more so than in Jan and May) but doesn’t seem quite as hot.  Plus it seems things are just a little less crowded.  We stay at the Merry V Guesthouse on Soi Rambuttri (in the back building) which is pretty sweet and still only $14 with AC. 

The first thing I did was head out front of Merry V and purchased my dinner of grilled chicken, pad thai and banana shake.  All for about $2.00.  I think the first thing Francie did was head out of the Merry V and play with the neighborhood dogs.

Pad Thai, Chicken, Banana Shake

It was a little crazy ordering food because I walked up to the little Thai vendor and tried to use my words…my Thai words.  And they just didn’t come.  I could barely get out “Pad Thai” but without asking for ‘Nit noy’ cabbage and all that about making it extra hot. 

It was a rather pathetic attempt for using thai when I could have just used english.  I find that I want to tell everyone hello and thanks in Mandarin and not in Thai.  I can hardly even remember my numbers  😦  About the only thing I can remember wth certainly is ‘don’t want’ and ‘how much?’.  Of course, asking how much in Thai always result in being told how much in Thai.  😦

After some dinner we strolled over to the main Bangkok tourist street called Khao San Rd to get some new flip flops for me (I bought some phoney Birkenstocks for $4.00).  Khao San Rd is pretty crazy with westerners drinking and many, many people trying to sell you things.  This is where you can get your ipod loaded with any album in the world or have a movie dropped on your HD (either computer or iPod) for $3.  Walking down the street it is super easy to forget that this country had a coup a year ago and still has a military junta–however benign. 

Khao San Rd is always blurry!
Koh San Road

The next day Francie and I got up bright and early to run some errands.  We hopped on a river taxi/bus which is one of the quickest ways to get around Bangkok.  The guy standing on the side (in the helmet) is selling tickets.

River Bus

We took this boat to a river stop downtown and then hopped on the skytrain to drop off Francie’s film (all 23 rolls).

Thailand Skytrain

We then went to one of the very cool (as in, air conditioned) malls to browse…not buy…and decided to see the new Jodie Foster movie ‘The Brave One’.  This was Francie’s first movie since we were in Hong Kong three months ago (and a little better than Ocean 13).  After which we hopped on a tuk tuk for a quick ride home.

With Flash
Tuk Tuk

Without flash
Tuk Tuk

The end. 


September 13, 2007 - Posted by | Thailand, Travel, Urban

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