Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Phuket Plane Crash

We were very sorry to see the airplane crash at Phuket airport in Thailand.  Obviously we are alright.

It has been raining very heavily in Bangkok and on the west coast (where Phuket is).


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Our Visit to Wat Phra Kaew

This is also know as Temple of the Emerald Buddha and is the most famous Wat in Bangkok.

We made Randall come with us to get some ‘culture’.  It can’t all be beaches and volcanos.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures inside the Temple that contains the Jade Buddha but, take it from me ;), it is pretty impressive. Actually, the murals in the room were particularly cool. I believe they have been restoring them and they are awesome. I almost got caught sticking my feet out towards the Jade Buddha statue but remembered not to do that just in the nick of time.

Here are some images from around the Wat.

A Demon holding up a relgious object. Kind of like Atlas but there are a lot of them. And demons are much more cool than some huge Titan. Wasn’t Atlas a Titan? I can’t remember now.

Here is Francie frightening away visitors. I shouldn’t have let her go see the Bourne movie!



Here are some interesting patterns from the intricate decorations on the temples.


Part of a Mural

Greg imitating art

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Avalanche in Tibet

We have a little time here in Bangkok to try and upload some of our videos so we can post them.

This is our Avalanche in Tibet video.  But first, here is a group photo from our trekker friends.  Thank you Ester for the photo and video.  See their web site link on our blogroll.


Click here for Avalanche video

 Or not.

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“This is Randall, leave a message”

Randall’s plain and simple voicemail greeting has always left a distinct impression in my mind. 

Randall arrived yesterday.  Welcome Randall. 

Here is Randall with Francie at Wat Phra Kaew.

We are excited to have Randall here and we promise his mother, in Kansas, that we won’t break him.  We just have a few days here in Bangkok before heading off to Bali and Lombok. 

Thankfully, Randall can keep Francie occupied with surfing lessons in Bali while I lay on the beach.  Then it looks like we will be off to Lombok to hike up to some double cone volcano…more hiking…how exciting.

Tonight we are off to this really incredible Thai food place called Hemlock (it is upscale so it may cost us $19 USD), then off to a Thai massage and then to undisclosed locations.

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