Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

News flash: Francie attempts to throw Greg into a Volcano

Using all of her physical reserves, Francie tried to throw Greg into the volcanic cone of Mount Rinjani last Monday.  However she ultimately failed because the cone is 2 miles away and her strength was not enough. 


Leading up to this climactic event were a series of altercations brought on by the 24-hour a day close proximity that her and Greg have been in for the last 9 months.  Examples of the escalating disagreements between the two travellers include; where to eat breakfast, whether to lie on the beach in the sand or the shade, and which brand of drinking water to purchase. Thankfully the incident did not end in tragedy, and the married couple reports that they have since resolved their differences.


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  1. Well, don’t worry, you all have a WHOLE lifetime to explore your differences. Plus, if you all travel more in the future, Francie may have access to other interesting ways of getting rid of Greg — sinkholes, quicksand, killer bees, tall buildings, yaks, etc. Libby wishes Francie good luck with her endeavors. I, on the other hand, advise Greg to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

    Comment by Roger and Libby | October 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. Maybe your suffering from too much travel or not enough of the right kind of travel. You should spend some time just sailing around. It is sure to calm your spirits. your fights are so petty and silly. But I guess those are the ones that lead to big unforgetable ones.
    Just stay sane and keep on traveling.


    Comment by joyangel123 | October 3, 2007 | Reply

  3. LOLZ!!! just to ease the minds of people who don’t know what jokesters greg and i are… we don’t really fight about what brand of drinking water to buy etc. and (surprise!), i didn’t really try to throw greg into a volcano.

    Comment by francie | October 3, 2007 | Reply

  4. I’m disappointed in you Francie. I pinned my hopes on Greg meeting the inside of the volcano 😦

    Comment by JoJo | October 5, 2007 | Reply

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