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Damage to Wolong Panda Center

We are both pretty sad about the earthquake that has devastated parts of the Sichuan province in China.  We were in that area for about 5-6 weeks last year and really loved Chengdu, Songpan and, of course, Wolong.  The Panda center was very close to the epicenter and had a lot of damage. 

The article reports that:

“The quake killed five staff in the Wolong center and left all the panda houses severely damaged. Of the total 32 panda houses, 14 were destroyed and the others were severely damaged. ”  In addition, 2 Pandas are still missing.

I would guess that the deaths occurred in the staff housing that is adjacent to the Reserve.  We also heard that the nice hotel–not the newly renovated Panda Inn–had collapsed.  We used Internet there almost every night. 

Pretty tragic, we still havent heard what happened in Songpan but Chengdu seemed to fare relatively well.

Remember, you can give money to the earthquake relief fund here or give money to Wolong here


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New blog

Hello there.  If anyone is still reading this, I’d like you to know that Greg and I are starting to blog again on  The content will be really boring compared to this blog, as we are both now living in one place and working again.  But someday there will be another “Adventures in <continent>”… 🙂

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