Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

36 Hours in Sydney

You know on the New York Times how they always have that Travel column called “36 Hours in” (fill in the blank).  Well, we had 36 hours in Sydney and we actually used this as a reference (and good old Brendan)!

It has really been great to be in a country where the people *sort of* speak English and there are nice toilets everywhere!  Damn, I love a good sit down toilet.

I do have to say though that I have really been blown away by the seafood.  Which is pretty amazing considering I have been hanging out on islands having 5 pound lobsters and fresh snapper and coral trout.  Francie and I went to the Sydney Fish Market which, I am sad to say, kicks Seattle’s Pike Place Market’s ass.  We had a lot of shashmi and oysters and other things that live in the sea.

Here are some pics from the Sydney Fish Market.





We also took Brendan’s suggestion and rode a ferry around park of the Harbor.  Here are some of those pictures.



We went to the aquarium which was a little disappointing but they did have a platypus. 


This octopus doesn’t want you to touch his toy.

The Jellies…


Finally we had a wonderful meal on Bondi beach at Ravesi’s.  Great great ravioli.

Got to run and catch the plane to New Zealand.


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