Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

Fiji doesn’t suck

Francie and I decided to spend a few days in Fiji before ending our trip and flying back to Seattle.  In fact, it was actually cheaper to have a layover in Fiji than to fly straight from New Zealand to the US.

Well, you know how Francie likes the beach soooo off we went!

We ended up deciding to stay at the Tokoriki Island Resort which is in Fiji’s Mamanuca island group.  Not surprisingly, it was pretty awesome.  In addition to soaking up the sun and being totally pampered we snorkeled and I saw a reef shark and Francie interacted with a giant clam.

We flew into Fiji and took an hour ferry to our island.  This little island was along the way… 

And this is the Beachcomber resort or Island…

Here is the view from our resort.

This is our beachfront bure.

And the view from our bure.  That hammock was sweet!


You can’t see it from the picture below but there is a small beach as well.



Here are some other random relaxing pictures.

The seaplanes were cool.



We would definitely recommend the place!


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Yesterday while snorkeling I saw a four foot reef shark.  Up close and personal!  Luckily, I had already learned that these sharks (they have a white tipped fin) are not dangerous (to humans). 

Eerie but cool. 

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On the way to Fiji

Francie and I are headed to Fiji tonight.  We should be back in Seattle in a few days!  Here is where we are staying. 

It shouldn’t suck.

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