Adventures in Asia

by Greg & Francie

It’s a Texas X-mas!

Greg and I had a fantastic X-mas in Texas.  The first 48 hours involved some culture shock for me (since I haven’t done much US travelling aside from the east and west coasts), but after I got used to the strip malls, chain restaurants, guns, animal head wall decorations, lack of meals that include a vegetable, political incorrectness, flatness, and browness, I had a radical time!  Seriously though, all joking aside, Greg has a great family, especially the niece and nephews.  I think we all had a lot of fun.

Another spectacular surprise of this trip was that my mother was able to stop by San Antonio for an afternoon on her way to California to deliver a tank-full of orange juice.  I finally got to take a photo of her with her tanker!  Note the festive wreath decoration on the grill:


More photos, yay!  Here is the adorable resident dog Maddie who is living the good life in San Antonio:


Greg with his sweet and super fun niece and nephew Jack & Rayann:


All the kidlets together: (from the left, Isaac, Jack, Rayann, Ethan)


and the finale, Greg taking to the ice:


That’s all folks.  We’re back in Seattle the 29th.  Until then… bon nuit.


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I’m a scholar, not a worker

Moving is hard.  Francie and I both moved out of our places over the last week and are now the proud renters of an enchanting 5×15 storage unit in glorious Kent Washington….one, two, three *not*.  Kent isn’t that glorious.

What have I learned over the last week?  That Francie has much better spatial relations than I do.  The large storage space was a little tight as the pictures below show but Francie managed to Tetris them into place.

Now we are off to Texas so that Francie can meet the hunters…I mean the family.  Just a little joke there…


Turns out that you can pack things 11 feet high in the storage space.

 Francie working her Tetris magic

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Puyallup Fair 2006 SDECU (scroll-down extreme closeup)



 check out the assymitrical snout-itude!

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Still getting used to this ‘posting’ thing

Hello everyone! (that is, if anybody out there is reading this thing, haha!!!)

I’m still getting accustomed to updating regularly.  I don’t have anything exciting or interesting right now.  greg and I are in the process of moving all our possessions to our brand new storage compartment in Kent.   moving sucks, ’nuff said. 

Bunny Status:  Val has a pal to kick around with this week named Squeaky!  Squeaky is Eliz & Randy’s guinea pig.  They like to hang out in Val’s pen and chew on stuff together. 

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Look people!  He has climbed on the bookshelf and is trying to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW.  if that is not cute, then my life is meaningless.


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Special report: Day in the life of a house rabbit

Val (house rabbit):  hmm… what should I do today?

Francie:  i dunno.  maybe you should continue your work on arranging your magazine page collection just so.




2 hours later…    


15 minutes later…    

Val: Getting… so… sleepy….. must finish arranging pages just so



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I’m a quitter!

It is official.  I am a quitter. 

After six years of working on Xbox at Microsoft I am leaving so I can go on this exciting adventure with the France-a-lot. 

We will take airplanes like this one:

We will take planes like this one…

So that we can enjoy places like this one:

So that we can enjoy places like this one…

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